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Whitnash Ward election to Warwick District Council



Whitnash Town Council Elections

For the 2015 Town Council election Warwick District Council and the Boundary Commission created a new East Ward and a new South Ward.

Previously there were three wards  each with five councillors, but now there are four wards. The new East Ward has one councillor representing what we understand is currently a single property.

Town Election Election Notice

There are no elections in the new East Ward or North Ward as the number of candidates was the same as the number of seats, therefore all who stood were "elected unopposed".


Warwick District Council launches new shared ownership homes scheme

Warwick District Council launches new shared ownership scheme for homes

See here for details:



Parliamentary Elections Husting Event – 7th April

Whitnash Town Council will host its first-ever Husting event for the upcoming General Election on Thursday, 7th May. Whitnash is part of the Warwick & Leamington Parliamentary seat.

The event will take place at Whitnash Community Hall on Tuesday 7th April at 7pm.

The candidates will tell us a bit about themselves and their parties position on the main issues and you will have chance to ask them questions.

This event is open to everyone.


Chris White, Conservative
Lynette Kelley, Labour
Alastair MacBrayne, UKIP
Azzees Minott, Green Party
A representative of the Liberal Democrats will join them as their candidate Haseeb Arif has a prior engagement



March Whitnash Community Forum

Our next Community Forum is approaching, on Tuesday 24th March from 6.30pm at St Joseph's Church Hall, Murcott Road East.


This time around we are trialling a short, hour-long meeting, with a limited agenda of Policing priorities and local grants. Your feedback after the forum on how you thought it went will be most welcome. I attach the agenda and publicity poster for your information.


Our new online voting opportunity to vote on Police priorities is live now, through to Monday 23rd March at 5pm. Give it a go, by visiting http://bit.ly/1Ejs2uQ and choosing your favoured option from the following choices:


Priority 1. Speeding Tachbrook Road - Conduct 6 Speed Checks on Tachbrook Road

Priority 2. Speeding Whitnash Road - Conduct 6 Speed Checks on Whitnash Road

Priority 3. ASB Acre Close - Conduct 6 evening patrols of Acre Close

Priority 4. ASB Washbourne fields - Conduct 6 evening patrols of Washbourne Fields

Priority 5. Cyber Crime - promote prevention and safety when online

We look forward to seeing you there.


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