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Annual Parish Meeting

The Annual Parish Meeting will take place at 6pm on Thursday 12th April, at the Whitnash Community Hall, Acre Close. Please click on the link below to see the agenda.

Please note, this is not a Town Council meeting. This is an open meeting for the residents of Whitnash, and there is the opportunity for them to raise any matter of public interest.

Please feel free to come along - all are welcome!!

Annual Parish Meeting agenda 12th April 2018


Town Council vacancy – caretaker / cleaner

Whitnash Town Council currently has a vacancy for a Caretaker / Cleaner at Whitnash Community Hall.

If you are interested, please apply in writing to:

Mrs Jenny Mason
Town Clerk
Whitnash Town Council
Franklin Road
CV31 2JH

or by email: jenny.mason@whitnashtowncouncil.gov.uk
Please call 01926 470394 or email for further details.

Closing Date: 27th April 2018 (extended)


Whitnash Community Hub Public Consultation Event

Please click on the poster below, for details of the Community Hub Public Consultation event, being held at the Whitnash Community Hall, Acre Close, on Tuesday 6th February.

The strong desire and urgent need for the new Community Hub came out of the development of the Whitnash Neighbourhood Plan.  Whitnash Town Council would like to turn this exciting initiative into a reality for Whitnash Residents.

The total cost of Community Hub Project will be £1,600,000 funded mainly by grants from various bodies.  In order to achieve this Whitnash Town Council will require a loan from the Public Works Loan Board to top up the funding this will be added to the precept for Whitnash residents.

Public Works Loan Board costs
Amount of Advance (to be repaid over 19 years) £100,000
Interest Rate (November 2017) 2.38%
Estimated Annual Repayment £6,573
Total Cost £124,892
Expected Precept Increase £6,573
Approximate Increase Band D Charge 2018-2019:
Annual Increase £1.95
Weekly amount £ 0.04
Your name
Phone number
Are you in favour of the Whitnash Community Hub project?

Are you in favour of Whitnash Town Council applying for a loan from Public Works Loan Board to top up the funding?
Are you in favour of an increase in the precept to cover the cost of Public Works Loan?


Survey – Home Care in Warwickshire

We want to know about Home Care in Warwickshire.

Healthwatch Warwickshire is conducting a survey of users of Home Care services, and their family and friends.

As the local health and social care consumer champion, their aim is to find out about people's experiences and report them back - so that improvements can be made that benefit everyone.

If you receive Home Care, or know someone who does, please complete their short online survey here.

They would really appreciate it if you could also pass on the info to other people or organisations that might be interested.

They will compile their findings in a report for publication in May 2018, so would love to hear people's views by then.

Thank you, your experiences can help make a difference.

email: info@healthwatchwarwickshire.co.uk

phone: 01926 422823



Public Consultation on Local Validation Checklist

Warwick District Council are consulting on a new Validation list. The consultation will run from Friday 16th March until 5.15pm on Tuesday 3rd April. For more information, please click on the link below:

Submitting a new planning application online

The benefits of applying online include:

  • Savings on printing and postage costs
  • Immediate delivery and acknowledgement
  • 24 hour a day service
  • Online help function when submitting your application