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Public Documents

Whitnash Town Council has adopted the New Model Publication Scheme for Freedom of Information access.
Data can be found within this website. Information in hard copy can be provided in accordance with the schedule of charges.
If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the Town Council.

The following table shows a policy and procedures.

Minutes of our meetings can be found here.

Name/DescriptionFileLast updated
Grant Aid PolicyGRANT AID POLICY (Reviewed March 2018)22nd March 2018
Information Security PolicyPolicy 21 Information Security Policy16th November 2017
Exercise of Public RightsExercise of Public Rights 201719th June 2017
List of Town Councillors 2017 - 2018List of Whitnash Town Councillors 2017 - 2018.1st June 2017
Email Ettiquette GuidanceEmail Etiquette Guidance (1)1st June 2017
Flag Hoisting PolicyFLAG HOISTING POLICY1st June 2017
Green Housekeeping PolicyGreen Housekeeping policy1st June 2017
Honorary Freemen PolicyHonorary Freemen Policy1st June 2017
Members Allowances PolicyMEMBERS ALLOWANCES POLICY 2017 (reviewed)1st June 2017
Policy for use of Town Council Facebook Page by the publicPolicy for use of Whitnash Town Council Facebook Pages by the Public1st June 2017
Policy Statement on Bad DebtPOLICY STATEMENT ON BAD DEBT (2)1st June 2017
Public Speaking at Whitnash Town CouncilProcedure for Public Speaking at Whitnash Town Council1st June 2017
Street Naming PolicyStreet Naming Policy1st June 2017
Freedom of Information Policy and Publication SchemeWhitnash Town Council Freedom of Information Policy and Publication Scheme1st June 2017
Town Council Publication SchemeWhitnash Town Council Publication Scheme1st June 2017
Social Media PolicyPolicy 15 Social Media Policy approved 27th April 201727th April 2017
Grant Aid Policy (Approved November 2016)GRANT AID POLICY Nov 2016 (reviewed)November 2016
Media PolicyMedia Policy Jan 2015January 2015
Policy Statement of Equal OpportunitiesPOLICY STATEMENT of EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES 2012December 2012
Policy on CommunicationPOLICY ON COMMUNICATION 2012December 2012
Policy Statement of Health & SafetyPOLICY STATEMENT of HEALTH and SAFETY 2012December 2012
Policy Statement of Recruitment & ScreeningPOLICY STATEMENT of RECRUITMENT and SCREENING 2012December 2012
Revenue Reserves PolicyREVENUE RESERVES POLICY 2012December 2012
Policy Statement of TrainingPOLICY STATEMENT of TRAINING 2012.December 2012