A big thank you to everyone that supported the Whitnash Neighbourhood Plan and who turned out to vote.

The YES vote was 926 (92.6%) the NO vote was 68( 6.8%)....
There were 5 rejected papers.

So Whitnash has now become the first town/parish in Warwick District to have an adopted Neighbourhood Plan.


The Whitnash Neighbourhood Plan has now been independently examined (reported July 2015) and the recommendations of the Examiner incorporated into the final version of the Plan which will now be subject to a referendum amongst those people entered onto the electoral register for the relevant Neighbourhood Plan Designated Area. The referendum is due to take place on 26 November and further details will be published in due course.

If the majority of those who vote are in favour of the draft neighbourhood plan then the neighbourhood plan must be ‘made’ (brought into legal force) by Warwick District Council. The Neighbourhood Plan then becomes a document which sits under national policy and the Warwick Local Plan when decisions are made on planning applications and carries the appropriate weight in such decisions.

Referendum Image