The principal function of the Town Council is to represent local interests at grass roots level, and to promote and watch over the particular interests of Whitnash.
Specific responsibilities of the Town Council are:

  • The management of local public properties such as the Acre Close Community Centre, but also including village greens, playing fields, and the war memorial.
    The provision of certain local services including allotments and public benches.
  • Encouragement of voluntary initiatives, and grant-aid to voluntary effort.
  • Defence of local interests, with the statutory right to see all planning applications, and make recommendations on them to the District Planning Authority. The Council is also consulted prior to the making of bye-laws, and can represent the views of the townspeople at public inquiries.
  • Arrange the Annual Mayor Making, Annual Parish Meeting, the Mayor’s Civic Services at the Whitnash churches, and the annual Civic Dinner.

In addition, Whitnash Town Council is often the first point of contact for residents highlighting issues that are the responsibility of other organisations such as Warwickshire County Council, Warwick District Council and Whitnash Safer Neighbourhood Police team.
In these instances, your Town Councillors and the Town Clerk will pass on the information to the relevant organisation. However, you can contact the other organisations directly, if you wish.



The table below shows which Council has prime responsibility for each service, and provides a link to the relevant web page if one exists. Contact telephone numbers for the Councils are provided at the bottom of the page.

Activity or ServiceCouncilContact Telephone
Allotments, Chesterton Gardens, East WhitnashWTC01926 470394
Allotments – Golf Lane, Whitnash Allotment Charity for the Labouring Poor and Whitnash Working Men’s Allotment AssociationWTC01926 470394
Allotments at end of Dobson Lane, Whitnash Community AllotmentsWTC01926 612499
Archives and Local StudiesWCC01926 738959
Blue Badges (disabled parking)WCC01926 410410
Building Regulations/Building ControlWDC01926 456551
Bus PassesWCC01926 359180
Bus SheltersWDC01926 456128
Bye-lawsWDC01926 450000
Car Parks - Acre Close/Coppice Road/Home Farm Crescent shopsWCC01926 410410
CemeteriesWDC01926 651418
Children’s Services & Lifelong LearningWCC01926 742274
Christmas Lights Switch OnWTC01926 470394
Civic Events (Promoted by The Mayor)WTC01926 470394
Clean AirWDC01926 456725
Consumer Protection/Advice (personal and business)WCC01926 410410
Council Tax CollectionWDC01926 456760
Community Centre, Acre CloseWTC01926 470394
Community ForumWCC07881 920605
Dog Warden/Dog FoulingWDC01926 456734
Economic DevelopmentWDC01926 333222
Education (Including free school meals)WCC01926 359189
ElectionsWDC01926 456105
Emergency PlanningWCC01926 410410
Environmental HealthWDC01926 450000
Family Information Service/Childcare InformationWCC01926 410410
Fire & Rescue ServiceWCC01926 423321
Fire Safety Enquiries (homes and businesses)WCC01926 423321
Flower Baskets/TubsWTC01926 470394
Footpaths/BridlewaysWCC01926 512515
Grants for Various ActivitiesWDC01926 455020
Grants for Various ActivitiesWCC01926 413644
Grants to Voluntary Organisations (based in Whitnash)WTC01926 470394
Grass VergesWCC01926 450000
Greens (such as Chapel Green)WTC01926 470394
Health and Community ServicesWCC01926 455020
HighwaysWCC01926 412515
HousingWDC01926 456129
LibrariesWCC03005 558171
Local LicensingWDC01926 456705
Local Plan (Warwick District)WDC01926 450000
MarketsWDC01926 456012
Minerals & Waste PoliciesWCC01926 410410
Museums & Art GalleriesWCC01926 412500
Neighbourhood Plan (for Whitnash)WTC01926 470394
Noticeboards in WhitnashWTC01926 470394
Parks and play equipment (Acre Close & Washbourne Field)WTC01926 470394
Pest ControlWDC01926 412500
PlanningWDC01926 456536
Planning Consultation (relating to Whitnash Town)WTC01926 470394
Public TransportWCC01926 412929
Refuse Disposal & Recycling CollectionWDC01926 456128
Registration – birth, marriages and deathsWCC03005 550255
Remembrance Sunday in WhitnashWTC01926 470394
Road Safety, Road Signs and Road MarkingsWCC03005 558177
SchoolsWCC01926 410410
Social Care & Health for both Adults & ChildrenWCC01926 410410
Street furniture (noticeboards, benches, salt/grit bins)WTC01926 470394
Street Lighting (Highways)WCC01926 410410
Trades Description/Trading StandardsWCC01926 410410
Transport PlanningWCC01926 410410
TransportationWCC01926 410410
Tree MaintenanceWCC1926 456128
Tree PreservationWDC01926 456557
War Memorial at St Margaret’s Church, WhitnashWTC01926 470394
Waste Disposal & RecyclingWDC01926 456128
Whitnash LibraryWCC01926 421464
Whitnash Tymes (publication and distribution)WTC01926 470394
Youth/Children’s ServicesWCC01926 456128