The Dobson Lane Allotment Association have available an area that is set aside for disabled access.

To give some idea of size - the largest round tub and the "shaped" brown "potting" table stand at about 26inches high, whilst the large rectangular troughs are about 35inches high. See pictures below.

Tables and Pots available

Tables, pots and troughs available

Tables available

Tables available

Organisations such as care homes etc, have utilised these facilities in the past, but they are not currently being used. Therefore, they are being made available to individuals who may be interested instead. There might be a need to modify the beds, tables or even the ground surface, depending on the level of disability.

If you have any queries, or wish to get further information on how to apply for some of these plots, in the first instance please contact:

Rosemary Brookman

Tel: 07789 993479