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Dog fouling in the town (again!)

19, December 2015

While the vast majority of dog walkers in the town make the effort to clean up after their dogs, it appears the phantom Whitnash dog fouler has struck again on Moorhill Road. Their dog seems to have had a bit of ‘trouble’, several times, along a 10 yard stretch of the pavement near Landor Road, and no attempt has been made to pick up the mess and dispose of it in the right way.

This is not only inconsiderate, but it is also a hazard. Be aware there can be a fine of £50 for allowing your dog to foul the footpath or the road. If it is not paid then prosecution can follow, and the fine increased by anything up to £1000.

If you witness anyone allowing their dog to foul the footpath, the roads or our parks and other open spaces, and who then does not pick the mess up or dispose of it in the correct way, please report it immediately please contact the Warwick District Council Dog Wardens. You can call 01926 456734, or e-mail Victoria.Timms@warwickdc.gov.uk


Last modified: 11, July 2016

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