Whitnash Town Council does not directly run any allotments itself.
Having said that there are 3 allotment sites available in Whitnash.

Waiting list length information correct April 2015.

Golf Lane Allotments

OperatorWhitnash Allotments Charity for the Labouring Poor
Registered Charity: 252397 Est. 1850
Contact NameMrs Jenny Mason
Telephone Number01926 470394
Email Address jenny.mason@whitnashtowncouncil.gov.uk
Annual CostsFull plot: £32.00
Half plot: £20.00 (£18.00 on Seekings side)
Number of Plots70 (railway side)
20 (Seekings side)
Waiting ListThere are no vacancies (20th June 2017)

Dobson Lane Allotments

(nearest Heathcote Road)
OperatorWhitnash Community Allotments
Contact NameMr Hyde
Mr J Pope
Telephone Number01926 612499
07952 324282
Email Addressp.hyde@hotmail.co.uk

Annual CostsBy the square metre,

Current empty plots
range from £15 to £25
Number of Plots48
Waiting List9 plots currently, no waiting list

Dobson Lane Allotments

(end of road near Allibone Close)
OperatorAction 21
Contact NameNatalie Surrage
Email Addresssurragen@yahoo.co.uk
Annual CostsLarge 120m2: £30.00
Small 60m2: £15.00
Mini 30m2: £10.00
Number of Plots54 of various sizes
Waiting List5 applicants
More InfoMore info on site is available here.

To apply complete this application form.
DLCAA Application Form

Application forms can be posted to:
5 Frances Gibb Gardens, Whitnash. CV31 2TN.

Any vacant plots will be allocated on a first come,
first served basis (although residents of Whitnash
and South Leamington will be prioritised).