The public consultation on the revised Warwick District Council Local Plan is  live, but you need to get your comments in by the deadline of 4.45pm on Friday 22 April 2016.

There is a lot to wade through, but the main changes affecting the south of the district are:

- the inclusion of 900 homes at The Asps site (including a park & ride),...
- 620 additional houses south of Harbury Lane (including former sewage works)
- 50 additional houses west of Europa Way, plus new school and other facilities
- East Whitnash/South of Sydenham contingency reservation of 500 homes
- Additional 75 homes off Golf Lane bridle path/behind Fieldgate Lane development
- 630 homes at Gallows Hill
- 30 homes at Seven Acre Close, Bishops Tachbrook

The Town Council has received details from Dave Barber, Planning Policy Manager for Warwick District Council, of the links to various web pages relating to information on the revised Local Plan. Please see below.

New Local Plan: This is the page that provides information on the latest situation with the Local Plan as a whole.  From here you can link to modifications consultation page, the examination pages and the evidence base page.

Consultation Documents relating to the proposed modifications: This page provides links to the proposed modifications, including the modified maps.  It also sets out the methods that can be used to respond to the consultation, along with guidance notes

Evidence Base: This page provides links to a whole range of studies and documents which have been used to underpin the Plan submitted in 2015 and the modifications now under consideration. There are three documents within this that I specifically referred to:

Village Profile and Housing Allocations – February 2016: This document sets out the process we have gone through to identify the growth capacity and proposed site allocations for each of the 10 growth villages

Distribution of Development:  This explains the overall approach taken by the Council to justify the proposed distribution of development across the District

Village Sites Appraisal Matrix 2016: This is a large spreadsheet which summarises the evidence used to assess village sites