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Half Term Sportzone and Multi Sports Mania Activities

16, October 2016

With half term upon us, the multi sports activities run by Warwick District Council are again taking place. These are:

a) the Multi Sports Mania All Day Sports Camp, on Wednesday 26th October, at St Nicholas Park Leisure Centre, Warwick


b) Sportzone, on Thursday 27th October, at Warwick Gates Community Centre.

The District Council provides these Sportzone sessions during the holidays, and keeps the cost low for residents, so that local youngsters can take part. Please support if you can, to ensure that these holiday activities continue to be provided.

Details of exact times and cost etc can be find on the posters below:

Multi Sports Mania St Nicholas Park October 2016

October Sportszone Warwick Gates Community Centre 2016

Last modified: 15, February 2017

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