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Parliamentary Elections Husting Event – 7th April

24, March 2015

Whitnash Town Council will host its first-ever Husting event for the upcoming General Election on Thursday, 7th May. Whitnash is part of the Warwick & Leamington Parliamentary seat.

The event will take place at Whitnash Community Hall on Tuesday 7th April at 7pm.

The candidates will tell us a bit about themselves and their parties position on the main issues and you will have chance to ask them questions.

This event is open to everyone.


Chris White, Conservative
Lynette Kelley, Labour
Alastair MacBrayne, UKIP
Azzees Minott, Green Party
A representative of the Liberal Democrats will join them as their candidate Haseeb Arif has a prior engagement



Last modified: 10, April 2015

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