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Travellers at Washbourne Fields

8, April 2017

Late yesterday (7th April 2017) evening a group of travellers arrived at the above location and have moved on to the recreational area. We believe they illegally forced entry to the site.

At present the group consists of 9 caravans and a similar number of trucks and cars. The group were initially visited at 0900hrs this morning by the local SNT and code of conduct leaflets issued, reminding them of the need to respect the area, keep their dogs tied up and generally behaving by the same standards of the settled community.

We are very much aware of the concern that this will generate amongst Whitnash residents and whilst Whitnash Town Council, Warwick District Council and Warwickshire Police work together to have them removed, please be assured of an increased police presence in the area.

Whitnash Town Council, as the land owner, will have to go through a legal process to have them evicted, unfortunately this will take some time as it is more difficult than for a private land owner.

If there are any incidents related to the travellers or the encampment, then please phone the police on 101.

Last modified: 8, June 2017

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