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Whitnash Community Hub Public Consultation Event

28, February 2018

Please click on the poster below, for details of the Community Hub Public Consultation event, being held at the Whitnash Community Hall, Acre Close, on Tuesday 6th February.

The strong desire and urgent need for the new Community Hub came out of the development of the Whitnash Neighbourhood Plan.  Whitnash Town Council would like to turn this exciting initiative into a reality for Whitnash Residents.

The total cost of Community Hub Project will be £1,600,000 funded mainly by grants from various bodies.  In order to achieve this Whitnash Town Council will require a loan from the Public Works Loan Board to top up the funding this will be added to the precept for Whitnash residents.

Public Works Loan Board costs
Amount of Advance (to be repaid over 19 years) £100,000
Interest Rate (November 2017) 2.38%
Estimated Annual Repayment £6,573
Total Cost £124,892
Expected Precept Increase £6,573
Approximate Increase Band D Charge 2018-2019:
Annual Increase £1.95
Weekly amount £ 0.04
Your name
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Are you in favour of the Whitnash Community Hub project?

Are you in favour of Whitnash Town Council applying for a loan from Public Works Loan Board to top up the funding?
Are you in favour of an increase in the precept to cover the cost of Public Works Loan?


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