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Whitnash Community Hub update

28, August 2016

Over the last few months, a working group has been looking at ways in which to replace the current community centre at Acre Close, which was one of the things highlighted in the Whitnash Neighbourhood Plan.

The working group is made up of Whitnash Town councillors, representatives of the Whitnash Sports & Social Club, Whitnash Primary School, and Warwick District Council, with the aim of working together to try to ensure that the solution is the best possible for the good of the local community for years to come.

Recently, the group considered 3 different proposals –

Option 1 – a direct replacement of the current community hall as a new community hub,

Option 2 – a new community hub and additional sports hall

Option 3 – a new community hub, additional sports hall, and some new/refurbished facilities for the Sports & Social Club

Whilst the third of these is the most expensive option, it was felt this offered the best solution for all, and certainly for the town and its residents over the coming years.

At separate extraordinary meetings recently, both the full Town Council, and the members of the Whitnash Sports & Social Club voted overwhelmingly to pursue Option 3, so the finer details of what this might entail can now be investigated further, and the business case put together.


Last modified: 11, January 2018

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