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Mayor of Whitnash

The Town Mayor is the first citizen of Whitnash and Councillor Robert Margrave is pleased to have the honour of serving as Mayor of the Town for the year 2019/2020.

It is traditional for the mayor to support a local charity. This year Rob is supporting CICRA.
CIRCA’s mission is to lead research into better treatments, to support children and families with relevant information and advice, to work with health professionals to improve care, and to give children a voice to increase public understanding of Crohn’s and colitis.

Please contact the Town Clerk if you would like to request The Mayor to attend your function. You can email the Mayor at: mayor@whitnashtowncouncil.gov.uk

Rob is pleased that Cllr Adrian Barton is Deputy Mayor this year.

Rob with his wife, Tracy-Ann

Upcoming engagements

Previous engagements

6th June 2019 Remembrance of D-Day, 75 years on at Leamington War Memorial
22nd June 2019 Opening of the Austin Heath Inspired Villages
22nd June 2019 Reception by the High Sheriff of Warwickshire
24th June 2019 The Opening of The Shire Grill
25th June 2019 Kineton Station Military Reception and Ceremony of Beating Retreat
29th June 2019 Whitnash Proms in the Park
30th June 2019 Whitnash Fun Day
4th July 2019 Motionhouse
5th July 2019 Welcome visitors from Whitnash’s twin town of Weilerswist, Germany
8th July 2019 Reception dinner celebrating 30 years of twinning with Weilerswist
14th July 2019 Royal Leamington Spa Civic Service, Dale Street Church
8th August 2019 Mayor of Kenilworth Barbeque at Kenilworth Castle
7th September 2019 Summer Reading Challenge Presentation, Whitnash Library
28th September 2019 Mayor of Southam’s Charity Concert, Southam
14th October 2019 High Sheriff of Warwickshire’s Legal Service, St Mary’s Church Warwick
15th October 2019 Whitnash Line Dancing Club, Acceptance of Cheque to Mayor’s Charity – CICRA
19th October 2019 Mayor of Warwick’s Opening of the Warwick Mop
25th October 2019 Supporting The Mayor of Royal Leamington Spa’s charity Quiz Evening
29th October 2019 Supporting The Mayor of Warwick’s Fashion Show for charity
15th November 2019 Switching on of the Whitnash Charity of Light
27th November 2019 Side-by-Side Theatre Group, Spa Centre
8th December 2019 Warwick Music Trust Christmas Concert, Warwick School
10th December 2019 Whitnash Tuesday Morning Coffee Club
13th December 2019 Invitation to the Whitnash Luncheon’s Club Christmas Lunch

Past Mayors of Whitnash Town Council

2018-19Cllr Terry Shepherd
2017-18Cllr Tony Heath
2016-17Cllr Simon Button
2015-16Cllr Judy Falp
2014-15Cllr Robert Margrave
2013-14Cllr Parminder Singh Birdi
2012-13Cllr Adrian Barton
2011-12Cllr Judy Falp
2010-11Cllr Ian Colls
2009-10Cllr Brian Smart
2008-09Cllr David Stocks
2007-08Cllr David Clough
2006-07Cllr Robert Margrave
2005-06Cllr Parminder Singh Birdi
2004-05Cllr Richard Sparkes
2003-04Cllr Bernard Kirton
2002-03Cllr Joseph Short
2001-02Cllr Tony Heath
2000-01Cllr Brian Smart
1999-2000Cllr Judy Falp
1998-99Cllr David Stocks
1997-98Cllr Mick Morris
1995-97Cllr Harry Hughes
1994-95Cllr Mick Morris
1993-94Cllr Bernard Kirton

Past Chairman of Whitnash Parish Council

Year Name
1992-93Cllr Bernard Kirton
1990-92Cllr David Stocks
1988-90Cllr Brian Smart
1986-88Cllr Kitty Crutchley
1984-86Cllr S H Preston
1983-84Cllr Joseph Short
1981-83Cllr Tony Heath
1979-81Cllr Bernard Kirton
1978-79Cllr J R Cleave
1977-78Cllr J R Cleave
1976-77Cllr D R Mann
1973-76Cllr T J Smith
1961-70Cllr C Mullard
1953-61Cllr P Greville Smith
1952-53Cllr A Wright
1950-52Cllr A D Jacobs
1946-50Cllr J Bullock
1944-46Cllr Rev C N Gleave
1929-44Cllr F Ashford
1920-29Cllr F W Summerton