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Welcome to the online edition of the Whitnash Business Directory brought to you by Whitnash Town Council. The aim of the directory is to make all Whitnash residents aware of the businesses available in the area.

As well as shops and stores, there is a broad variety of local businesses in Whitnash; ranging from Chiropodists and Chimney Sweeps to Plumbers and Pubs!

We would like to encourage you to use local businesses as they add to the richness and success of our community.

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Action 21 Dobson Lane Allotments



Whitnash Allotment Charity for the Labouring Poor
Whitnash Charitable Trust
Whitnash Coffee Morning
Whitnash Neighbourhood Watch
Whitnash Senior’s Luncheon Club
Whitnash Twinning Association
Whitnash Women’s Institute
Whitnash Working Men’s Allotments