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Acre Close Fields

Measured Mile and New Pathway

Whitnash Town Council would like to make further improvements to Acre Close Playing Field so that it becomes more useful to our community.

We would like to make it a safer environment for all Whitnash residents, our children, teenagers, mums and dads, adults and senior citizens. Building on the already considerable improvements carried out by the Friends of Acre Close volunteer group who have done a wonderful job providing play equipment and planting trees etc. We would like to supplement this good work by widening the field’s appeal to everyone in Whitnash.

Pitch with fencing and Rugby

The measured mile would be made from recycled material called Tiger Track which is easier to maintain and is weatherproof. This would benefit residents of all ages who could walk, ride, run, be pushed in buggies helping us all to stay healthier for longer. We plan to install four exciting outdoor exercising machines.

Users can then stop to exercise those muscles they didn’t know they had. Sportsmen and women are of course welcome to use them for serious training. Those of us who prefer a gentle stroll can do that as well. This facility would be free of charge to Whitnash residents.

The new / replacement fences and new path are intended to protect the field and to provide a safer all weather route to school and access to the field.

This project will cost around £72000.


  • Help protect our children playing in the field.
  • Protect football pitch.
  • Stop uninsured scooter and motorbikes crossing field.
  • Replace old broken wooden fence.
  • Stop people dumping rubbish on the flood alleviation bund.
  • Reduce wear and tear of field.
  • Increase community usage of field.
  • Ensuring open pedestrian use.
  • Increasing the life of a community asset.
  • Easier use in bad weather.
  • Reduce vandalism.
  • Provide better access for buggies and push chairs.
  • Encourage better fitness for residences of all ages.
  • Using recycled material.


Funding Awarded

Having been able to secure funding up to £29864 from Warwick District Council for the Measured Mile project and agreeing funding from the Town Council, a grant of £49637 has now been agreed by Wren Environmental for the remaining funding. This means the town council will be able to fix a start date to put this facility in Acre Close. The track will be made of recycled material with some outdoor gym equipment provided and signage.

People all ages will be able to exercise as well as run or walk, toddlers can learn to ride their bikes safely and many more possible uses have also been suggested. Fencing will also be provided and a walkway to enable people to cross the field on a dry path rather than grass.

We would like to thank Wren Environmental, Warwick District Council, Whitnash Town Council, Friends of Acre Close and all the local organisations that supported us with letters of support and petitions.

Judy Falp

Whitnash Town Council

e-mail: cllr.sparkes@whitnashtowncouncil.gov.uk or cllr.falp@whitnashtowncouncil.gov.uk