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Coppice Road footpath repairs update

5th April 2018

We received a report regarding the footway works taking place on Coppice Road near Harrow Road.

Warwickshire County Council told us:
“In an attempt to inform residents about the works letters were sent during the third week of March to each house effected regarding the planned slurry seal treatment in 2018/19.
The letter gave planned start dates for both the preparatory works and the final treatment, as well as information about the treatment process.
In the letter it does state that the preparatory work can look untidy (particularly the sand carpet – the filling of depressions or regulating of uneven areas with a fine asphalt material).
This sand carpet is the infill work carried out this week. Though it can look untidy and the material can break away, it is a cost effective method of infilling depressions, since the entire surface will be covered by the slurry seal treatment within a couple of weeks.
I would also bring to your notice that part or the process is weed treatment prior to and after the slurry seal, as weed regrowth often occurs.

I know that it looks very ad-hoc until completion, but each part of the work goes to make the whole, I appreciate your patience.”


County Highways
Warwickshire County Council

Last modified: 27th June 2018

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