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Whitnash Town Council & Warwick District Council Elections

5th April 2019

Whitnash Town Council Elections

There will only be an election for Whitnash Town Council North Ward electorate, as all other nominees in the other wards were elected unopposed.

For details of the North Ward elections please visit:
North Ward Candidates


Candidate name Party Votes
Simon James BUTTON Whitnash Residents Association 596 (elected)
Tony HEATH Whitnash Residents Association 612 (elected)
Robert Leslie MARGRAVE Whitnash Residents Association 858 (elected)
Terry SHEPHERD Whitnash Residents Association 525 (elected)
Richard Henry SPARKES Whitnash Residents Association 511 (elected)
Laurie James STEELE UKIP Make Brexit Happen 96



For information on South, East and West Wards, where candidates have been automatically elected, please visit:

Whitnash South

Whitnash East

Whitnash West

Warwick District Council Elections

For details of the District Council elections please visit:



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